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Arnstein Sørgård

Tømrermester Arnstein Sørgård AS has installed 480 windows with Click In on this beautiful project in Trondheim, Norway.

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Are Treindustrier

Are Treindustrier in Norway has installed windows in prefabricated modules on several projects now, using Click-In.

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During 2020 and 2021, Glebe installed 1000 windows on a great building project in Sweden, using Click-In installation system. Glebe is one of Kalmar’s largest construction and property companies.

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SIBS have completed about 2000 apartments in Sweden so far, all produced in their factories in Malaysia, using the Click-In system to install all windows and doors in the modules.

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UNO Ålesund

“We discovered Click-In for the first time at “Bygg Reis Deg” in Oslo. We were given a demonstration of this new installation system and realized quickly that this was a perfect method for the challenges we faced on our “Ravnhuset” project.”

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