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A research team from Linnaeus University, Växjö/Sweden, compared the upright installation of a standard window 100 cm x 120 cm with different fixture systems. The Adjufix system, consisting of a screw anchor and a frame screw, was compared with the Click-In fixture system, composed of a shim and a screw. The study was done in the production facility of a wooden single-family house producer in southern Sweden. The following preconditions were considered, including short method statements:

  • The windows were installed upright at the end of the production process.
  • As windows regularly were supplied with pre-mounted anchor screws in the window frame for the Adjufix system, the Click-In shim was pre-mounted to the window frame and the positions for the screws were marked in advance for the sake of comparability.
  • The window installations were done by operators being used to install with the respective system.
  • Researchers observed all required working tasks for both fixture systems.
  • The required installation time for the working tasks was measured seven times for both fixture systems.
  • For each fixture system, the average window installation time was calculated.
The observations showed that
  • The Adjufix system requires 12 system-specific working tasks; the Click-In system requires two. .
  • For both fixture systems, four common working tasks had to be added. One in the beginning and three steps when the window was in place.
  • For the Adjufix system, the window had to be opened to set the screws
  • For the Click-In system, the window did not need to be opened
Time measurements showed that:
      • The working tasks for the Adjufix system required 359 seconds on average.
      • The working tasks for the Click-In system required 51 seconds on average.
      • Including the common working tasks, the Adjufix system required 987 seconds on average and the Click-In system 653 seconds
      • For the Click-In system, the window did not need to be opened
      • The Click-In system requires ten working tasks less that the Adjufix system. This lowers the risk for processing errors and damages and is especially crucial for the working tasks related to opening the window needs for the Adjufix system.
      • The working tasks for the Click-In system required 51 seconds on average.
      • By using the Click-In method, about 308 seconds (ca. 5 minutes) can be saved per window that the operator potentially can use for other value-creating tasks. Assuming that an average single-family house has 15 – 20 windows, this would add up to about 77 – 103 minutes per house.

Table 1 and 2 below show the detailed observation and time measurement results.

Table 1: Working steps 1-15 and time measurements MA1-MA7 in seconds for Adjufix.

Table 2: Working steps 1-5 and time measurements MC1-MC7 in seconds for Click-In.


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