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Welcome to Click In – the revolution in window installation!

Shorten assembly time and save money with Click In. Our innovative product reduces assembly time by at least 40%. Imagine what that would mean for your company, completing projects faster and more efficiently while reducing costs.

With Click In, you avoid damaging window frames and eliminate complaints. By working exclusively on the exterior side, we prevent unnecessary issues. You can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied with the results and that you’ll avoid costly return visits for readjustments.

We offer you flexibility and convenience. With Click In, you can easily install windows from both the outside and inside, without the need for expensive lifts. It saves time, money, and resources. You have full control over the work and can adapt your window installation according to your needs, resulting in a smoother and more efficient workflow.

The future is here with Click In. By using our product, you can plan and prepare window installation in advance, even before the windows are delivered to the worksite. It gives you a competitive advantage and the opportunity to optimize your workflow. You’ll be one step ahead, delivering faster and more effective results to your customers.

Take control of your window installation with Click In and experience all these benefits. Contact us today to learn more and take advantage of this groundbreaking solution. Together, we can take your business to new heights.

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About us

Click-In Fixture Systems AB was founded in 2016 by Ted Linde and Tommy Rylander and is located in Färjestaden on the Isle of Öland in Sweden. In 2019, the function of the Click-In method was patent-protected internationally. The company currently expands its area of operations and offers its solutions to house manufacturers on an international market, as well as to construction firms installing windows and doors on-site.

The market demand for the Click-In method is growing exponentially. This is not really surprising, as everyone loves to use a system that saves time, labor and as a consequence money. No scaffold or sky lift is needed. Furthermore, workplace logistics are enormously simplified, as windows can be taken directly without intermediate stations to each floor for installation. In addition, the Click-In system is well-suited for off-site pre-assembly. It is suitable for all window types, including PVC, wood, and aluminum, as well as all door and window frames.

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