In Kalmar, SIBS have completed 218 apartments in Kalmarporten. The architecture is characterized by gable motifs inspired by Kalmar’s proud history as Hansastad, as well as beautiful slate facades in different colors interspersed with white-glazed wood paneling. SIBS have completed about 2000 apartments in Sweden so far, all produced in their factories in Malaysia, using the Click-In system to install all windows and doors in the modules.

“Click-In is a cost-effective system that saves us both time and money. In addition to this, Click-In mounting is safe and efficient in our production lines.

Click-In is a solution that ensures that the doors and windows remain stable during transportation and assembly of the modules. This helps avoid the need for readjustments on the building site, providing full control and minimizing the chances of complaints”

Industrigatan 13
386 32 Färjestaden

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