Arnstein Sørgård

Tømrermester Arnstein Sørgård AS has installed 480 windows with Click In on this beautiful project in Trondheim, Norway.

Leangen Næringsbygg is a modern office building, built with a green strategy and focus on sustainable solutions. Click-In support this strategy by facilitate a more efficient and safe installation, a denser building and, in the long term, the possibility of reuse of the windows installed.

This is what Tømrermester Arnstein Sørgård AS says:

“We are constantly looking for improvements and we want to make our production more efficient. We are curious about new solutions and want to be at the forefront of developments in the construction industry. We were made aware of this system and immediately became interested.

After a presentation of the system, we quickly decided to test Click-In on a large project with 480 windows in Leangen Næringsbygg. A prerequisite from us was that the brackets were fully assembled from the window supplier. NorDan Gruppen took an interest in the project and showed flexibility in their factory to get this trial project done. NorDan Norge delivered as ordered, and the installation went very well with less resources and a safe installation. We are very satisfied with the Click-In assembly system and have no doubt that we want to use Click-In in the future as well.”

Robert Lunde
Facility manager and product developer
Tømrermester Arnstein Sørgård

Industrigatan 13
386 32 Färjestaden

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