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Marcus Schultz
London, England
Gabriel Linkln
London, England
Jimmie Murphy
London, England
Maria Brown
London, England
International contacts: Tobias Schauerte
tobias@www.clickin.se +46760230091
Owner/head of invention: Ted Linde
ted@www.clickin.se +46733611613
Head of Sales: Tim Borjesson
tim@www.clickin.se +46731517870
people about us
Lewis Fautzi

“ The moment we walked to the booth at Apollo in Denver I knew they’d done it, and done it well – and we’re dying to go back…..”

Lewis Fautzi

Lowell Mcgee

“ Fun, fun, fun! Club music is not my scene, but I can appreciate a fun place when I see one and good times with friends. I will go back.”

Lowell Mcgee

Judy	Holt

“ It was my friend’s birthday and we all dressed up in our best attire while drinking and dancing the night away. I loved this place.”

Judy Holt

Industrigatan 13
386 32 Färjestaden

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