UNU Ålesund

“We discovered Click-In for the first time at “Bygg Reis Deg” in Oslo. We were given a demonstration of this new installation system and realized quickly that this was a perfect method for the challenges we faced on our “Ravnhuset” project.

We planned to install fixed frame PVC windows from H-vinduet+. With the traditional method of mounting and fixing through the frame, these windows initially had to be delivered without glass. The tricky part was that this glazing had to be done from the outside, which made us hesitant as we hadn’t planned for exterior scaffolding.

Fortunately, we discovered that using the Click-in system not only saved us a step but also reduced the risk of glass damage. This system allowed us to install the windows from the inside with the glass already in place within the frame.

We quickly established an efficient assembly process that yielded good results.“

Jostein Sandøy
UNU Ålesund AS

Industrigatan 13
386 32 Färjestaden

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